Petal Flora, Detail
2020 – Mixed media on paper – 24″ x 36″ – $1200

Aondrea Maynard

Studio 209 – Aondrea Maynard Fine Art – Art Spa World


A San Francisco Artist working & living in The Bay area since 1988


Aondrea’s paintings are modern interpretations of the Natural world that explore the emotionally evocative power of color and light.  Work created to embody the effervescence of The Natural World.  Each piece infused with her love of adventures, travel & Nature; it’s warmth of the sun, depth of the sea, luminosity of the moon, wisdom of the forests and the pure joy of flora. Living in a vibrant city surrounded by ocean, mountains and trees, she is inspired by her love for humanity, it’s evolution, this beautiful planet we live on and a deep passion for sustainability for our future generations.

​Her work can be seen in both public and private collections across the globe from San Francisco to London, Copenhagen and Dubai.  It is her hope that they bring the viewer a moment of stillness & reprieve from the cacophony of our modern day lives inviting them into a world of serenity and grace within a connection to the bigger world within and around them.

* Aondrea is currently specializing in customized, collaborative commissioned pieces for her collectors to create contemporary works of art imbued with their love stories, memories & the sublime moments shared.


Midst the cacophony & demands of our modern day lives,  May we remember that we were always meant to know a deep peace of inner world; to know the Magic embodied in The Natural World;  for us to feel our most True Heart | soul | essence | presence in our times of quiet, in our times with Nature with the people we love.  For us to know in these places and times that we are held, we are guided, we are cared for, we are always enough, and that we are loved.  And in this profound, beautiful, mysterious universe we are All connected and that we are Love.

………… We eat sunshine & we are bathed in Beauty