Charles Stinson - Ife Buddha

Ife Buddha (bronze)
2004 – Bronze – 17″ x 19″ x 14″ – $10,500

Charles Stinson

Studio 300 – Charles H. Stinson Studio

Charles is an artist of broad interests:  Sculptor, printmaker, photographer, digital media artist, author of books and papers.

Born in country Texas, he had broad interests in arts & sciences since childhood. Often lacking access to fine arts programs, he balanced education in the sciences with primarily self-directed explorations in art. Throughout college & professional training his photographs, drawings, and paintings were frequently exhibited, published, or in galleries.

In 1978 he moved to San Francisco, where for several years his paintings on canvas and paper were in the SFMOMA Rental Gallery at Fort Mason.

Although he values mastery of style & technique, for Charles art must also be an exploration. He says, “My art-making is an experiment in trusting creativity.  My aim is to create emotionally evocative, thought-provoking works with elegant, spare, or unusual esthetic resolutions. I want my works to have layers of meaning that invite and sustain thoughtful inspection and discovery.”