Diane Olivier - 7am, Snow Canyon, Utah

7am, Snow Canyon, Utah
2021 – Pastel on sandpaper – 4.5″ x 6″ x 3″ – $725

Diane Olivier

Studio 203 – Olivier Art

Drawing has always been Diane Olivier’s primary medium, working with both traditional and nontraditional materials on scales ranging from small book size to mural size. Her subject matter ranges from figurative, landscape and cityscapes to non-representational. The media ranges from charcoal to graphite, to full-color pastels to non-traditional mixed media. The sense of touch between the tools and the paper and the immediacy of the mark are important elements in her process. It is a dance between the eyes, the hand and the soul. She is a long-time San Francisco resident and taught at City College of San Francisco until her retirement. Drawing is her love: figurative, landscape and sketchbooks.