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Please join Artspan’s SF (Open) Studios Group GOLD Event virtual studio “art fair,” featuring 61 artists, including more than a dozen from 1890 Bryant Street Studios. When you click on the “Join Event” link below, you will find yourself on the Booth Central “GOLD” Event page. Click on the Guest Registration button and fill in your name and email (you have the option of keeping this information private). You will then receive an email from Booth Central, titled “Event Registration Confirmation”, with a link to join the event. When you join the event, all 61 artists will be represented by small icons and their names. Only four people can enter the artist virtual “booths” at one time and there will be an “active” label when you can enter a booth. You can pop in and out of as many booths as you wish during the event. Each booth visit is like a “mini-Zoom meeting”: you can chat with the artist and see their work, and they can share what’s in their studio.

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