Fuzz E. Grant - Disapproving Bunny- Night Watch

Disapproving Bunny- Night Watch
2020 – Plaster, collage – 4″ x 9″ – $220

Fuzz E. Grant

Studio 317 – The Stable

My art explores the coexistence of animals and humans and how human have distanced themselves from the natural world. Hopefully this brings animals back into our consciousness.

Mostly made from papers which I source from piles of scraps, I work in a creative flurry in my studio in the Mission district of San Francisco. Materials and their sources are highly important to me. My work is mostly made from found papers, old publications, posters and even picking things up off the street. Growing up in a modern “planned community” I have always delighted in being a scavenger of the old and the smallest scrap of paper could be the highlight of my day.

I feel that my scavenging of materials in animalistic. It is also important to me to produce artwork from these found articles, creating something from the debris of humans.

Working organically I also introduce other material elements such as fabric, wood, thread, metal, acrylic, ink, plaster and resin.


After initial sketches I work largely organically to build out the piece in many layers.  I have a large supply of materials in my studio to grab and place spontaneously. I work intuitively with no real plan, letting the work evolve.  There is a lot of tearing and reworking areas, adding more and more layers until I am happy with the result.

Recently I have been exploring adding more 3D elements to the work, either through the building of sculptural paper elements or physically extending the piece from the wall.