Kathleen Maley - Silver Nest Ring

AdDrawing artists
2022 – 12″ x 10″

Jack Miller

Studio 410

Jack Miller was accidentally born in Rochester, New York where the weather is often wrong, leaving much time for improving oneself indoors. Fated to love learning, and coming from a family of creative physicians and nerdy artists, he first earned a BS in math with an Honors Thesis exploring varieties of mathematical infinity. An MD from the University of Rochester School of Medicine, psychiatry residency and an MFA from California College of the Arts followed, with the result that he lives in San Francisco, makes drawings, paintings, writes narratives, and sings baritone in several groups. He spent 15 years on the literary committee of the Magic Theatre, a company established to champion new plays, and 11 years as Art Editor for VerdadMagazine.org. He began studying the effects of epistemology, story and emotion on investment decisions at age 12. An avid cook, temperer of chocolate, handyman for an aging house, he is an East Coaster who has fallen west. In that tradition, he expects to rationalize and commercialize his artistic and scientific passions tomorrow.