Peggy Gyulai - Nocturne

2020 – Pigment on canvas – 48″ x 48″ – $8500

Peggy Gyulai

Studio 408 – Peggy Gyulai Studio

I create paintings inspired by music, and also make paintings which I hope will in turn inspire music to be created by composers and musicians. I work with a palette of shapes, colors, motion, and emotion of the sound of orchestral music and jazz, and my recent work also invites element of chance to join in. I have a certain amount of control over the process but there are times when I do not.

I have been fortunate to work over the years with with great and inspired musicians, composers, museums and public groups– and am looking forward to the next year when I will be part of a major national traveling exhibition called “Music, Seen” and other exhibitions in the US.

In addition to the San Francisco studio work and series, I also paint on the coast near Portland Maine; chasing waves and learning from the sea, and experimenting with different approaches to realism.