Randy Titchenal - Wavy Primaries

Wavy Primaries
2020 – Collage – 12″ x 16″ – $400

Randy Titchenal

Studio 304

My interest in humanity, geography, and symbolic language is the foundation of my work. My creative process is archeological. I respond to the materials as they transform reductively, suggesting weathering, the passing of time, and wear and tear. I dig through layers of paint and other materials to unearth the humanity that lives there – the shape of their land, where they live, the structures they build, and the symbols they use to express their experience. My motifs are grounded in, and contain the elements of implied topography, water, and sky. They are about places I’ve seen and felt, and about places I’ve imagined. I often use a quick collage technique, where the piece reveals itself intuitively through color, shape, and texture.

I currently reside in Alameda, California, and have a studio in the Mission district of San Francisco. The light and artistic energy, as well as topographical terrains in the Bay Area also inspire me.