Robin Dick - Circle Study

Circle Study
2020 – Wood – 16″ x 24″ – $1500

Robin Dick

Studio 210 – Robin Dick Art

Using her subtle sense of art and design, Robin invokes complex feelings by arranging and giving new life to discarded objects, granting them a new history, a new narrative, using found and recycled pieces.

Her work is motivated by a strong desire to work with her hands and communicate artistically in a non-digital medium.

In her constructions and collages, she merges her passion for the aesthetic nature of objects with inspiration from pop culture, history, and nature, composing unlikely objects in an unconventional unity.

She has resided in San Francisco since 1988.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Design from the University of Kansas, with minors in metalsmithing and painting, as well as an Associates Degree in Design from the Art Institute of Colorado.