Trish Tunney - Urban Still Life

Urban Still Life
Photography – 12″ x 18″ – FOR SALE

Trish Tunney

Studio 311

Trish Tunney is a professional photographer who lives and works in San Francisco. She has been making pictures since she was given her first camera in 1979 developing black and white photos in her basement darkroom.

Trish received a Masters Degree in Engineering and spent 15 years working as a Computer Engineer. When she left her that career to pursue photography professionally, she moved from black and white film photography to color digital. Her photography is about light and contrast. She seeks out the directional light of early day or early evening where colors, are at their most extreme. She is drawn to bits of urban decay and endeavors to reveal the beauty that may be overlooked by the casual viewer. She has a “found object” aesthetic to her work where she will not manipulate the scene she is photographing either before or after the capture. She also does not crop her images.

Trish has enjoyed success and notoriety as both a fine art and a commercial photographer. She has been shown in galleries around the San Francisco Bay Area and she has private collectors worldwide.