1890 Bryant Holiday Show & Sale

Sunday, Dec 10, 12-5pm

It’s true! The artists of 1890 Bryant are hosting a Holiday Show and Sale! There will be gift-sized art for your shopping pleasure and festive refreshments to stabilize your blood sugar while boosting your spirit.
Stroll between the work of 40 artists on 2 floors. We’re talking jewelry, photography, paintings, crafts, prints, pottery, artfully crafted baked goods, and more. Admission is FREE!


Fuzz E Grant, Wendy Miller, Jennifer Banzaca, Alan Quiros, Charles Stinson, Simo Neri, Colette Hannahan, Sebastian Roldan, DK Haas, Kathleen Maley, Kathleen Rydar, Kim Uno, Sarah Duyer, Linda l Matson, Arlene Diehl, Carole Jeung, Eko Wright, Sidnea D’amico, Linda Goldstone, Jen de Groat, Adam Barry, Marco Razo, Kate Razo, Danielle Estrella, Eliot Rattle, Maria Fernanda Valecillos Felice, Peggy Li, Don Hershman, Ashley Kor, Mike Gabriel, Nathan Foxton, Lisa Chen, randy titchenal