Catherine Mackey - C and H Sugar

C and H Sugar
2017 – Oil and collage on wood panel – 36″ x 48″ – Not for sale

Catherine Mackey

Studio 204 – Catherine Mackey Studios

After receiving her degree in Interior Architecture at Manchester University in the UK, Catherine spent 14 years working and teaching in the field of commercial interior architecture in London before moving to the US to follow her dream of being a painter. While she left behind a world of corporate design, project management, and budgets she brought with her an abiding fascination for the built environment. She now lives in San Francisco and works from a studio in an old factory in the semi-industrial part of the Mission District. She has a cultured and architecturally-aware collector base and her paintings have been seen in local art publications and arts documentaries. Her work is represented by galleries in New York and San Francisco.

Artist’s Statement:

As I wander around any city I look for unexpected moments of beauty, often finding them on an architectural scale: the elegant modular tapestries of high-rise buildings; a line of factory windows; the rhythm of salt-stained posts supporting a pier; or the structure of an old sea wall. This is architecture at its most simple and pragmatic: functional forms; repetition; no unnecessary decoration. Most of the things I paint are usually either slated for demolition or are slowly disintegrating due to neglect, abandonment, and the forces of nature. On the surface my work is about the beauty of this disintegration but between the layers I am pondering the issues of urban renewal – change and loss in San Francisco and other cities around the world.