Donald Hershman - Table with Vase and Shadow #5

Table with Vase and Shadow #5
2019 – Acrylic and pencil on wood panel – 24″ x 20″ – $3000

Donald Hershman

Studio 315 – Don Hershman Art

Painter Donald Hershman has an intensity about him that is embodied by “a visceral need to pursue his interests and creative expressions”. Driven by this need to continually improve, he lives a dual life of accomplished podiatric surgeon and painter.

Don finds the same feeling of flow and satisfaction while painting that he experiences during surgery. In both practices, he makes all the necessary preparations to ensure things will go smoothly.

Influenced by artists like David Hockney, Don’s process references photographic images to create freestyle pencil drawings. He then applies several layers of color until completion. While these become the fundamental building block of his work, the final vision always remains a mystery until completion.

No matter the subject, Don vividly expresses his passion and humor. Rather than simply reflecting what is in front of him, Donald creates a separate space– translating any subject into a more vibrant dimension.